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Posted on April 24, 2024

DotNetBrowser 2.26.2

Chromium upgraded to 123.0.6312.124

We upgraded Chromium to a newer version, which introduces multiple security fixes that prevent a remote attacker who had compromised the GPU process from potentially perform a sandbox escape via specific UI gestures, potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page, including:

For the complete list of Chromium fixes and improvements in 123.0.6312.124 please visit the product blog posts for the following versions:

Quality enhancements

  • The print preview is now placed properly in BrowserView when entering the full-screen window mode on macOS.
  • In the off-screen rendering mode, the IME candidate window in Avalonia closes when the BrowserView is clicked.
  • In the off-screen rendering mode, the Chromium engine no longer crashes on Windows when BrowserView is used with accessibility tools.
  • The ArgumentException is no longer thrown from the Avalonia BrowserView when it is not added to the visual tree yet.
  • The IEngine.Disposed event is no longer raised twice.
  • In the off-screen rendering mode, the combo box drop-down now closes properly when the Avalonia application window is minimized on Linux.

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