Posted on June 29, 2018

New version of DotNetBrowser comes with a whole bunch of useful changes:

HiDPI Displays

In this version, we are glad to introduce the HiDPI Displays support which allows using all DPI-aware modes. The BrowserView control is compatible with various DPI awareness modes and renders HTML content with respect to the scale factor.

See this article for more details.


We are FIPS-compliant now! Starting from the version 1.16, it is possible to use DotNetBrowser in the environments where the Federal Information Processing Standard restriction is enabled.


  • The render channel initialization now works better. It was achieved by preventing script context creation until the client-side Browser instance is created.
  • Now you can specify the type of the printed document by means of the Printing API.
  • The issue when a drop-down list is displayed inside the BrowserView in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • If you don’t want the library to generate and store crash dumps, you can now set BrowserPreferences.CrashDumpDir as an empty string.

Fixed issues:

  • The KeyDown event being unable to subscribe in WinForms in the lightweight rendering mode.
  • The MouseMove, MouseEnter and MouseExit events not forwarded in WinForms in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • The native crash on specific video cards and VMs.
  • A webpage content being rendered with wrong height and width in the lightweight rendering mode.

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