DotNetBrowser is a commercial library that requires a valid license key. This guide focuses on technical aspects of working with the licenses.

For pricing information and details on terms and conditions, see the Licensing and Pricing section.

Adding the license to a project

DotNetBrowser needs a license key which represents a string with combination of letters and digits. The key must be provided to the library using separate license keys for different IEngine instances as shown in example below:

IEngine engine = EngineFactory.Create(new EngineOptions.Builder
    LicenseKey = "your_license_key"

You can also find more details about installing the license here.

Evaluation license

Before purchasing a commercial license, you can evaluate the product for 30 days. Evaluation is free of charge.

To request an evaluation license, fill in this form. You will receive an email message with a 30-days evaluation license key.

License expiration

Evaluation period starts after you request an evaluation license. In 30 days the license will stop working. If you request another 30-day evaluation license, it will not work in the environment where you already used an evaluation license.

Extending evaluation period

In some cases when your company’s procurement procedures take longer than 30 days, and if you need more time to finalize the purchase formalities, contact our Sales team at with brief details of your situation.

Commercial Licenses

When you purchase a commercial license, we send you an email with a license key.

You can use this license key both for development purposes and distribution of our library as part of your application.

Per Developer License

This type of license can be issued to a company or an individual.

The license is not tied to a person’s name. If a developer stops working on the project, a different developer assigned to the project can use the same license.

The number of licenses should be equal to the number of developers involved in the project with DotNetBrowser.

If you have 5 developers involved into your project and only 2 of them work with DotNetBrowser, you need 2 licenses only.

When you purchase a commercial license for 2 developers, you get one license key that can be used by 2 developers in your company.

If you have a team of 3 and more people using DotNetBrowser and you plan to work on one project only, you may consider purchasing a Project License.

Project License

This type of license is issued to a company.

The license is tied to a namespace of your project. When you purchase a Project license, we ask to provide the namespace where you plan to create an IEngine instance. You can work with the created IEngine instance and make calls to the library’s API in other packages without any restrictions.

The package name is expected to be in the Product.Module format.

This option is cost-effective for 3 or more developers working on a product.

Company-Wide license

This type of license grants access to DotNetBrowser for unlimited number of developers for any number of projects in your company.

This option is cost-effective with more than 10 developers planned for a project or for more than 3 projects.

Chromium open-source components’ licenses

DotNetBrowser is based on Chromium open-source project that includes the source code and libraries written by developers in Chromium community. The project also includes a number of open-source third-party libraries.

One of the key questions with an open-source code used in commercial products is the permitted use of the open-source code and possible restrictions on use and distribution of the works based on this open-source code.

We perform a regular review of the licenses associated with the Chromium components used by DotNetBrowser to make sure there are no terms restricting commercial distribution of DotNetBrowser or customer applications using it. We also make sure that licenses requiring disclosure of the source code (like GPL) do not apply to DotNetBrowser or applications based on it.

Below you can find the links to Chromium components licenses associated with DotNetBrowser releases:

If you have any questions, email us at

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