Adding DotNetBrowser to Project

This guide describes how to add DotNetBrowser to your .NET project.

Assemblies files list

The library consists of the following assemblies:

  • DotNetBrowser.dll — data classes and interfaces;
  • DotNetBrowser.Core.dll — the core implementation;
  • DotNetBrowser.Logging.dll — the DotNetBrowser Logging API implementation;
  • DotNetBrowser.WinForms.dll — the classes and interfaces for embedding into a WinForms app;
  • DotNetBrowser.Wpf.dll — the classes and interfaces for embedding into a WPF app;
  • DotNetBrowser.Chromium.Win-x86.dll — the Chromium 32-bit binaries for Windows;
  • DotNetBrowser.Chromium.Win-x64.dll — the Chromium 64-bit binaries for Windows.

DotNetBrowser itself depends on protobuf-net, and you can find the corresponding assemblies in the distribution archive.

Platform-specific requirements

If you need DotNetBrowser to work only on a specific platform (either 32-bit or 64-bit), you can add only the corresponding assemblies to the project references as described below.

If your application runs only on 64-bit platforms, and you do not need to support 32-bit platform, you can add only 64-bit binaries.

WPF and WinForms

If you develop a desktop application where you want to display some web content, add one more assembly to your project references depending on the UI framework you use.

ZIP distribution archive

To include DotNetBrowser into your .NET project:

  1. Download and extract the archive into the desired directory.
  2. Add the reference to the DotNetBrowser DLLs into your .NET project.

Adding DotNetBrowser.Chromium.Win-xx.dll is optional; DotNetBrowser.Chromium.Win-xx.dll is found automatically if it is located in the same folder as DotNetBrowser.dll. For detailed instructions, refer to the following article.. Adding DotNetBrowser.Chromium.Win-xx.dll is required for proper deployment in some cases.

NuGet installation

DotNetBrowser is available as a NuGet package. You can install it using Microsoft Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager. To do so:

  1. In your project, right-click “References”.
  2. Select “Manage NuGet packages…” and search for DotNetBrowser package.
  3. After the package is found, click Install to begin the installation.

WinForms VSIX installation

To add the DotNetBrowser BrowserView control to the Visual Studio Toolbox, download and install the VSIX package from the Visual Studio gallery.

WPF VSIX installation

There is no VSIX package for WPF applications. To add the DotNetBrowser BrowserView control to the Visual Studio Toolbox, install the appropriate DotNetBrowser.Wpf NuGet package.

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